About us

Let’s slide your world back into focus.

SEEPLUS Augment, Zoom and Clarity are made under a Manufacturing and Distribution License from Adlens Ltd, Oxford, England, who are at the forefront of adaptive focus lens technologies. SEEPLUS is marketed and sold by SCT Marketing Sdn Bhd in selected countries.

Poor vision is the world’s largest unaddressed disability and yet the most overlooked. It’s a huge oversight: visual impairment significantly affects one’s quality of life besides creating barriers to education, employment, and personal development.

It’s time to change that.

Designed to be practical and easily accessible, SEEPLUS aims to improve lives by providing an innovative alternative at an affordable price. Unlike other disabilities, poor vision can be easily remedied. We have the technology to offer a superior product at a significantly reduced price and in a much more accessible way.

We’re here to help you
regain clarity.

Our Mission

It's simple.

We’re here to help more people see better, which will empower them to live fuller lives and have more positive experiences, ultimately making the world a better place.



We believe in always challenging the limits of what we can achieve. Why settle for the status quo when we can do better?


Everyone should have access to eye care if they need it. We’re working hard to make SEEPLUS accessible to as many people as possible, quick & simple.


Whenever we create something
new, we ask ourselves:

How useful is this going to be?
Will it improve lives?
How easy will it be to use?


Let’s embrace the simple pleasures in life, like being able to see clearly without the hassle of going to the optometrist and spending a small fortune on glasses. Why complicate matters?

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