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Introducing adjustable dual lens technology.

Ideal for people who uses prescription lenses for nearsightedness and farsightedness. With the convenience of Clarity adjustable dual lens technology eyeglasses, you can now avoid the hassle and frustration from constantly needing to put on reading glasses and take them off to see clearly at different distances. Clarity adjustable dual lens technology eyeglasses solve these problems with just a simple turn of a dial to your preferred sight. Now you can travel and enjoy your daily activities without the hassle of carrying two eyeglasses.



One eyeglasses
For nearsightedness
For farsightedness
Each eye focus is adjustable with a dial


Enjoy these activities from close up or distant with a pair of eyeglasses only.
Screen Devices


  1. Fine tune the focus in each lens for maximum clarity by gently turning both dials all the way forward.

  2. Close or cover one eye, slowly turn the dial backwards to fine tune the focus on what you
    are looking at.

  3. Repeat with the other eye.


  1. What is SEEPLUS?

    SEEPLUS is a tech-forward eyeglass brand name leading the marketing and distribution of adjustable focus and other types of eyeglasses. Our current line of tech-forward products enables clear sight at multiple distances without the need of multiple pair of glasses for your different needs.

  2. Can SEEPLUS eyeglasses help me?

    SEEPLUS Augment and Zoom eyeglasses are designed to replace conventional reading glasses with enhancement tech-forward features. Its simplicity allows you to correct near and farsightedness easily with a turn of a dial – giving you full freedom in performing your daily task with correct and clear vision.

  3. How does the technology work?

    SEEPLUS Augment, Zoom and Clarity incorporates the movable Alvarez Dual Lens Technology which enables the wearer to adjust the clarity of their focus by altering the prescription of the lenses with a turn of a dial. Its advanced features give you the flexibility in increasing power independently for each eye as required.

  4. Is there a warranty on SEEPLUS eyeglass?

    Each eyeglass is quality assured with 5 years of manufacturing warranty against manufacturing defects.

  5. Are they durable? Will they break?

    SEEPLUS eyeglasses are built to be impact resistant. Testing standards used conform to Internationally accepted practices.

  6. Can I share my SEEPLUS eyeglass with others?

    SEEPLUS eyeglasses are made to be shared. Share your eyeglass by simply correcting your vision as required on each eye with a dial.

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